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Luxury Master Bath

New Home Construction: Luxury Master Bath

Have you ever dreamed of a luxury master bath where you could grab some time to yourself and enjoy a relaxing jacuzzi in your giant soaking bathtub? A luxury master bath might be grand, with walk-in showers and more—however, a luxury master bath is all about style. In new home construction, you can make the call as to how big or how small your luxury master bath is, but when it comes to remodels—we have to get creative sometimes.

Creating a luxurious master bath can mean using materials such as marble and brass. There are a variety of surfaces and styles that set the tone, from a single slipper tub that features one end for lounging, forming a slipper-shape to beautiful clawfoot tubs, there's no end to the options for a luxury master bath. You can even have added features new home construction, such as a Japanese soaking tub with an integrated seat. New home construction generally offers a modern luxury master bath with unique choices such as copper or stone. Acrylic tubs are an excellent choice in freestanding tubs for new home construction or a remodel. They're lightweight compared to some of your other choices, and easier to install. Also, if you want a cast iron or resin tub, you may have to reinforce the flooring on a remodel.

If you're planning new home construction, or you want to remodel your current bathroom into a luxury master bath, get in touch with the professionals at Hartley Brothers. We offer new home construction, remodeling, in-house design services, decorating assistance, and more. If you're looking into designing a luxury master bath, check out our website gallery for inspiration.

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